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How Do I Become a Tantra Master?

Tantra Masters are trained and certified by the World Association of Tantra Professionals. Please visit that site for membership, training, and certification information.

This web site is devoted to the biographies and life work of those Tantra Master Teachers certified by the World Association of Tantra Professionals. These Tantra Masters serve as teachers, mentors, and consultants to the World Association.

Many Tantra professionals focus on the sexual aspects of Tantra and are more "technique" based. Tantra Masters certified by the World Association of Tantra Professionals focus on the Tantric lifestyle and how it relates to all phases of the human lifespan.

Tantra is not about sex, it is about life. It happens that within the lifespan of the human being, sex is very important for intimacy, relationship, and procreation, even recreation for many. Tantra Masters approach this topic with openness, honesty, and an essential perspective, rather than the conditioned and learned responses ingrained from societies fear of sexuality and sexual issues.

Contact Tantra masters

To contact Tantra Masters you are welcome to email us at:

EMAIL by clicking this link

or cut and paste into your email program: tantra@webentry.com

We will direct you to a Tantra Master in your local area.

Each Tantra Master is a teacher and mentor for the World Association of Tantra Professionals and can guide you toward a teacher that can work with you, a school where you can learn and be certified, and where and how you can become a Tantra Master.

To contact a Tantra Master Teacher or find out more about becoming a Tantra Master, visit the Seattle based temple web site: Seattle Tantra