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How Do I Become a Tantra Master?

Tantra Masters are trained and certified by the World Association of Tantra Professionals. Please visit that site for membership, training, and certification information.

This web site is devoted to the biographies and life work of those Tantra Master Teachers certified by the World Association of Tantra Professionals. These Tantra Masters serve as teachers, mentors, and consultants to the World Association.

Many Tantra professionals focus only on the sexual aspects of Tantra and are more "technique" based. Synchronized breathing and eye gazing, for example are phenomenal to the Tantric union in an intimate relationship. However, these "techniques" will do little to encourage or enhance that Tantric union. The practice of techniques and sexual positions are not the crux of Tantra. Tantra as taught by the World Association is integral to all of the life span, we call it Integrated Tantra. Integrated Tantra covers all of life, from conception, through childbirth and rearing, intimacy in relationship, aging, retirement, and death.

Tantra Masters certified by the World Association of Tantra Professionals focus on the Tantric lifestyle and how it relates to all phases of the human life span.

Tantra is not about sex, it is about life. It happens that within the life span of the human being, sex is very important for intimacy, relationship, and procreation, even recreation. Tantra Masters approach this topic with openness, honesty, and an essential perspective, rather than the conditioned and learned responses ingrained from societies fear of sexuality and sexual issues.


Tantra Mentors

The study and practice of Tantra encourages the human being to recognize the source of life within itself. Tantric study and practice enhance an individual's sense of being alive. Many only perceive this when they are engaged in an activity that stimulates an adrenaline or endorphin release like energetic sports or even more extreme activities like sky diving or bungee jumping. Some only sense it when they are drinking alcohol or taking a mood altering substance, though the experience itself is modified by that drug.

When engaged in these activities often the individual feels an overwhelming sense of well being and exhilaration. This is more than a neurochemical response, it is the sense of the life force welling up and expressed through the body, through the organism.

At times like these the individual loses its sense of having a conflictive split mind, loses its worry of the future or the burden of past trauma. The being is focused on the present moment and is able to perceive the energy of life flowing through the body.

The teaching of Tantra suggests that this state of being in the present moment, of exhilaration and well being, is available at all times, and can be entered into when the stress and anxiety of work and relationship overcome an individual.

As the sensory systems that perceive this are located in the tactile sense, the study and practice of Tantra often focuses on these pathways. This is always pleasurable to the human body, often one has never been touched in an unconditional manner, nor learned to touch another unconditionally.

Tantra teaches and recognizes the unity of sensuality and spirituality. It is as simple as that. If you remove the religious trappings, the rites and rituals that may or may not be relevant to this time or this culture, and the jargon, this is how Tantra is defined.

Certified Tantra Masters are proficient in the application of the teachings of Reiki, The Tao Te Ching, as well as Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Advaita, and Sufi principles. As such Tantra recognizes the similarities of these religions rather than the differences. Once "God" is identified as a source within oneself, the religious teachings of all world religions start to make more sense and the differences begin to fade.

One of he basic tenets of Tantra is that these "paths" are really all the same. The practice of Tantra begins to break down the separations.

The insights and understandings of the intricate relationship between sensuality and spirituality are rooted in a life in the present moment reality.

The breakthroughs of thought in quantum physics reinforce these insights and provide a common language to format a new perspective of the physical world and our place in it. Classical or "Newtonian" physics viewed the cosmos with energies acting on physical forms, such as gravity. Quantum physics propose that these energies have their source within each physical form and those outer

Tantra suggests embracing the present moment in gratitude and being cognizant of the many escapes of suppression, manipulation, deception, as well as projection, identification, condemnation, and justification.

The subtleties of these escapes are expressions of the ego and its adherence to the linear and dualistic program based in the seven aspects of that program. These aspects are known as lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride. Cleverly disguised as virtues, these seven aspects are the characteristics of life outside of the present moment awareness.

To contact a Tantra Master Teacher or find out more about becoming a Tantra Master, visit the Seattle based temple web site: Seattle Tantra